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How to Find Professional Microphones for Online Teaching

Becoming an online teacher is an increasingly popular option for many education professionals. There are multiple websites that offer freelance opportunities allowing you to teach everything from English as a second language to computer skills. Regardless of the site you work with, there are some basic pieces of equipment you will need. One of those is a professional microphone. Here are some ways to find the right professional microphone for your online teaching career.

Studio, Room or Mobile

The first thing you need to consider in narrowing down your professional microphone choices is where you will be using it. Each location will have a different sound quality that will lend to the microphone quality itself. For example, if you will be in your home office or studio, you may have a much different sound scheme than if you are mobile using your phone or even in a room with no studio features. Consider your sound background and environment first to determine things like noise cancelling and ambiance cancelling options.

Frequency Considerations

You may not think about the frequency that much with a professional microphone, but it is something you need to consider. Keep in mind that if you are singing, you will need a much different frequency than you would if you were just talking or conversing with someone else. With that in mind, you will need a response curve that works with the type of teaching you will be doing. If it is being used for singing, you want a response curve that spikes in the midrange areas of the frequency.

Multiple Applications

One option to consider are microphones that are suited for multiple applications. This usually means that you will need different accessories for each of the applications available to the microphone you choose. These accessories may be something as simple as a microphone stand for hands-free talking and use to the amplifiers and speakers you would need if you are teaching vocals and singing. If you will be teaching a singing class, then later in the day moving to a history class or English class, you will need the accessories that fit that and the room to store them.

These are just a few of the ways you can find the right professional microphones for your online teaching career. If you are ready to purchase your microphone, contact your local electronics dealer today. They can help with pricing, questions and any issues you may have finding a specific microphone for you.