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5 Wedding Flower Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

Some brides make many mistakes in their attempt to have a fabulous wedding. One of the biggest sources of bridal mistakes is connected to the flowers they use on the wedding day. This article discusses some of the flower mistakes that you should avoid making on your wedding day.

Mistake 1: Missing the Big Picture

You may see the table setting and the centerpieces, but forget the reception room and the guests. This limited view can be a big mistake. For instance, you may have selected a wedding venue because of its breathtaking view of the ocean. However, you may insist on tall floral centerpieces that end up obstructing the very view that attracted you to that venue. Avoid this mistake by keeping everything in perspective. The venue, the guests and your preferred flower arrangement should all blend into a complete picture of the wedding you want.

Mistake 2: Distrusting Your Florist

There is a reason why you hire a wedding florist; you wish to benefit from his or her expertise. It is therefore self-defeating if you disregard every piece of advice that your florist gives you. Avoid the trap of micro managing the floral arrangement/selection by giving the florist a detailed description of what you want. You can also carry several pictures of the floral decoration that you would wish to see at your wedding. Once you have communicated your preferences, let the florist come up with different floral selections or arrangements so that you choose the best. You can always tweak the selection or arrangements suggested by the florist until you get what you want. In this way, you will benefit from the extensive skills of the florist.

Mistake 3: Selecting Flowers with Strong Scents

This mistake may cause a major inconvenience for your guests, especially those that suffer from allergies. The strong scents may trigger allergic reactions in such individuals. It may be better for you to think twice about any scented flowers that you would like to have at your wedding. If you must have them, restrict them to where you will be seated.

Mistake 4: Neglecting to Take Care of the Blooms

Blooms (such as hydrangeas) have a very limited lifespan if they are not hydrated. You should assign someone the task of keeping your blooms hydrated if you want to keep the blooms fresh throughout the wedding day.

Mistake 5: Picking a Very Large Bouquet

Sometimes, big is not necessarily better. This is true for bridal bouquets. A very large bouquet will be very heavy for you to carry. Additionally, that large bouquet may overshadow the design of your wedding gown. Work with your florist to pick the right bouquet size for your big day.

Avoid the mistakes above and your wedding flowers will be flawless. Also communicate with a professional florist, such as those at Erindale Florist, for more information and tips.