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Taking A Hunting Caravan Holiday: Four Things To Consider

If you are planning a caravan holiday that involves hunting, you need to make plans to safely transport your guns. Before loading your guns into your caravan, you need to understand the laws of traveling with guns, and you need to take steps to keep them secure. Here are four issues you should consider:

1. Following the law

If you are traveling with guns, Australian law stipulates that you must keep the gun in a locked box or safe, and you must store the ammo in a separate container. The ammo must be in the manufacturer's box, and you cannot carry loose ammo.

These laws apply primarily to travelers taking trains or planes, but you should also follow them while in your own vehicle. If you want to travel with your rifle at your side, check the laws in each state you plan to travel through. In most cases, your firearms need to be secured.

2. Hiding guns

You don't just want to secure your guns because it's the law, you also want to secure them to ensure they are safe from thieves. Unfortunately, thieves have been known to target caravan parks. As you are out hiking or sightseeing, they can sneak into your caravan and take your valuables, including the guns.

To reduce this risk, consider bolting your gun safe to the caravan floor in a discrete location. You can hide it under a bed, or you can remove a cabinet in the kitchen, install the safe and then, cover it with the face of the cabinet and the countertop.

3. Keeping guns safe on the road

Unfortunately, you probably shouldn't use a regular safe if you are traveling in a caravan. Firearms in a safe are meant for stationary storage. If you are driving, they are likely to bump around, hit each other and get damaged.

Instead of using a standard gun safe, find one meant for traveling – these safes typically feature layers of foam around a resting area for the gun, and they may be designed to hold only one gun instead of several.

4. Securing handguns

If you have a handgun for sport, are licensed to own it and want to bring it in your caravan, you may want a separate small safe for your handgun. You can get small travel safes that fit almost anywhere in your caravan. You can find ones that bolt to the undercarriage of your caravan, or you can get a safe that attaches to a wall near you for easy accessibility

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