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How to Send a Respectful Bouquet to a Bereaved Widow

Sending flowers to a bereaved widow is a traditional way of sharing your condolences and communicating your support and sympathy for the widow. Flowers however could be viewed as an insensitive gift, as they eventually wilt and die. They will have to be later disposed of and this could raise feelings of sadness or loneliness. To avoid this, look at some ways you can send a bouquet to a bereaved widow with respect during her difficult time.

A bouquet for the garden

Instead of letting a bouquet of delicate flowers wilt within a matter of days, why not send a bouquet that can be replanted in the garden? A bouquet of succulents will do exactly that. As a hardy plant that can survive several days out of the ground, succulents are available in a range of highly attractive and decorative varieties. Speak to your local experienced florist for advice on creating the perfect succulent bouquet, for both beauty and growth.

Some seeds for the future

If you are sending a bouquet of elegant flowers because you know they are the bereaving widow 's (or deceased's) favourite, include a packet of seeds with the blooms. This way, when the widow throws out the wilted bouquet at the end of it's lifespan, they can feel peaceful with the thought of those very flowers blooming in their garden next spring.

Foster longevity

Flowers delivered by florists are often accompanied by sachets to be added to the water, designed to create an acidic environment and kill off bacteria or fungal growth on the stems. There are, however, other ways to create an acidic environment to help the flowers stay fresh for longer- adding an aspirin, some lemon juice, or a little mouthwash can do the same thing. Why not send some helpful preservation instructions along with your bereavement card, and help those flowers look great for longer?

Preserve the bouquet

There are several ways to preserve flowers after they are past their use-by date. Drying flowers or the petals alone is an excellent preservation technique. Pressing flowers is a simple process, allowing the flowers to be displayed behind glass or used to create decorative thankyou cards. Edible flowers can also be preserved in sugar, or in a herbal vinegar solution for use in baking.

With a little forethought and a dose of creativity, you can give a bereaved widow the perfect bouquet of blooms that will live on—which can be symbolic of the memories she has of her loved one. Consult experts like Flowers Of Paradise for more tips or assistance.